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A Few Reasons An Insulated Garage Door Might Be Worth Consideration

Many homeowners don’t think of their garage doors in the same way as they think of their regular front and back doors. Of course, they’re different, one lets people into and out of the house and the other is big enough for a car to drive through.

But the differences shouldn’t really go beyond that. There’s no reason to think your garage door should be any less secure than any other door in your home. In fact, the garage is one of the most popular places for thieves to break into a house and one of the most popular areas to steal from. From bicycles and sports equipment to tools and leaf blowers, garages can be chock full of valuable items that might be very attractive to thieves.

The argument can be made that the garage door protects your belongings almost as much as your entry doors. But you don’t install dead-bolt locks, chains and/or alarms on your garage door.

The same thing is true for another difference between your entry doors and garage door. Would you ever install a front door that wasn’t well insulated? Not likely, but lots of garage doors aren’t insulated.

However, like the security thing, it’s almost as important to insulate your garage door as it is to insulate your entry doors, or anywhere else in your home.


Electric Bills

Especially if your garage is attached to your house, or sits under a climate controlled room, an insulated door may be a good option, as it can mean less electricity or fuel used to heat and cool your home. An insulated door can keep garages significantly warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

In fact, one of our customers who had a climate controlled room over their garage, noticed a significant difference, it was far less difficult to cool in our hot summer months.


By keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, not only do you save on energy costs, but your heating and air conditioning equipment will not switch on and off as often, or have to operate for such long periods.


If you ever sell your home, an insulated garage door can make your home more valuable. It demonstrates to prospective home buyers that they may save money on energy costs for years to come, not to mention the wear and tear on their A/C units. Insulated garage doors can also keep the garage quieter, they are heavier and won't rattle so much, they look better, last longer, keep out more pollution and make using the garage for added living space, like a home office, gym or game room much more doable.

When you look at the advantages, it's definitely worth a consideration, depending on your home and individual needs. If you are interested in exploring this option, give a trusted name like Kingwood Garage Door a call, we give free in home estimates for new garage doors and would love to help you choose the right door for you home and budget. 832-641-0402

Insulated Garage Door
Insulated Garage Door

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